Tears of seers

by Moonkult

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released June 4, 2012



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Moonkult Finland

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Track Name: The Great Purge
Created by ancients,
to rule
chained by
impure underlings
They never heeded
to great wisdom
shared to them!

and never understood
Like pagan demigods
this wisdom faded

Sheeps in guise of eagles
seeding roots amongst
those chained by impurity

Them with gift of foresight
persecuted and slain
Keys to ancient future lay


Amongst the survivors
With roots deep
seeking under pride
rivers of tears
and from them, droplets
of arcane secrets

but these rivers flow freely !
Secrets beyond reach of
impure masters

rather dying out
than continue in the hearts
of sheeps,since
this world is not worth of
knowledge of greatest depths
Only for superrior irrelevance

Yet, eternally these foreseers
seek their roots and path
to their ultimate original destiny.
Track Name: Behind vortex of lightnings
Open the gates!
So that i can lead
black souls that we are
to darken those lands of light

In this witching hour
under power of fullmoon and blackened skies
we reach this mountain

clouded,carved, by storms of time
Filth of past, leaving ourselves
like avalanches falling down from black mountains

crushing the pathway behind
and the cursed ones show path upwards
Yet they meet their death on top

Black frozen iron castle reveals itself
behind vortex of lightings
Unpure die at it's gates
Lightning strike disbelievers

For pure hearts gates open to
where our ultimate destiny leaded us to
Stargate to Destroyed , forgotten lands
where pure spirits yet reign

Open the gates!
So that i can lead
black souls that we are
to darken those lands of life

In this witching hour
under power of fullmoon and wolves
we reach this castle

clouded,carved, by storms of time
Filth of present, leaving ourselves
like leaves falling from dead trees

bringing death to the pathway behind
Carried out by winds of fate to lands
Track Name: Beyond to infinity
Dim moon over barren lands
Through lifeless fields they travelled
To obtain, secrets beyond

Storm lights eerie bleakness
where hordes of old tyrants died
Summon these spirits from desecrated graves!

Their spirits join with storm
fading away
showing path
beyond to ancient realms
and beyond to...

definable only by indefine beings
infinite realms and endless darkness
above light

Through infinite times
largest become small
most powerful become weak
in its abyss
and the present dies...

Land of majestic watchers
Forever first of them
Long ago destroyed
by storms of time

Hunters so pure and clear
yet breeded away by offspring of the watchers
This spirit gone forever leaving only
empty shell with aimless excistence.

And so man doomed to pointlessly
define itself forever
ever more
and ever more
...and ever more.